Maureen Brown: Special Education Advocate in Massachusetts

Maureen Brown

Maureen Brown is a particularly experienced special education advocate based in Massachusetts. She has over 20 years of enjoy helping households navigate the complexities of the education system. Her assignment is to make certain that kids with unique desires get hold of the education they deserve. Maureen’s substantial education and education in this area make her a fairly certified suggestion for families.

Background and Qualifications

Maureen Brown has a wealthy academic history. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Human Services from the University of Massachusetts. She has also finished advanced criminal training in special training from Suffolk Law School. Additionally, she holds a certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. Her professional memberships include the Special Needs Advocacy Network, the Independent Education Consulting Association, and the Therapeutic Consultants Association. These credentials underscore her knowledge and commitment to her discipline.

Services Offered

Maureen offers a comprehensive variety of services to assist families and their youngsters with special wishes. Here are a number of the key offerings she offers:

Consultation and Evaluation: Maureen starts offevolved with a one-on-one consultation to assess the kid’s cutting-edge educational overall performance. She critiques facts, evaluations, and educational plans to recognize the kid’s wishes completely.

IEP Consultation: She affords special comments on Individualized Education Programs (IEP), helping mothers and fathers understand and enhance these plans.

Placement Recommendations: Maureen offers steerage on appropriate instructional placements, ensuring the chosen surroundings meet the child’s specific desires.

Team Building: She facilitates building effective training teams, bringing together specialists who can pleasant aid the child’s getting to know and development.

Meeting Representation: Maureen represents families in faculty conferences, supporting crucial statistics about the child’s strengths, weaknesses, and wishes.

College Transition Support: For college students with gaining knowledge of challenges transitioning to college, Maureen offers specialized help, thanks to her advanced certification in College Counseling.

 Approach and Philosophy

Maureen believes in a collaborative approach to advocacy. She works to foster cooperation between parents and faculties, aiming to keep away from warfare whenever viable. Her method involves thorough training, knowledge of felony frameworks, and precise documentation. This approach guarantees that households are well-prepared to advise for the offerings their kids want.

Maureen’s method is targeted at the perception that every infant has the right to an appropriate education. She knows the demanding situations that families face and works tirelessly to ensure that schools provide important help for youngsters with special wishes.

Success Stories Maureen Brown

Maureen’s paintings have had a profound impact on many families. One such achievement tale comes from Katie McCormack Donnelly, Director of Human Resources at Affirmed Networks. Katie praised Maureen for her professionalism and capability to paint harmoniously with the college device. Maureen’s information helped her infant get hold of the vital help and offerings.

Another discernment, Ann Rounseville, a Clinical Social Worker at Children’s Hospital Boston, highlighted how Maureen’s information was essential in navigating the IEP process for her son with autism. Ann emphasized that Maureen’s steerage made a good-sized difference in her son’s academic enjoyment.

Knowledge and Resources

Maureen emphasizes the significance of knowledge. She educates parents approximately their rights and the variety of offerings available. This consists of home-based services, behavioral interventions, and various treatment options inclusive of tune and tool training. Maureen also has a community of professionals, consisting of neuropsychologists, behavioral analysts, and speech-language pathologists, who can offer additional support.

Maureen’s dedication to staying knowledgeable about the trendy trends in special schooling ensures that she will be able to provide the best possible recommendation to families. She regularly attends workshops, meetings, and schooling periods to keep her expertise up to date.

Community Involvement

Maureen is actively involved in the neighborhood network. She participates in workshops, seminars, and aid agencies for parents of children with special needs. By engaging with the community, Maureen ensures that she stays related to the households she serves and knows their evolving desires.

Her involvement in the network also allows her to recommend systemic changes within the training machine. Maureen works with policymakers and educators to promote guidelines that benefit kids with unique desires.

Contact and Consultation

Families inquisitive about Maureen’s services can book a 30-minute session through her website. This initial assembly allows her to apprehend the kid’s needs and begin making plans a nice direction of action. Maureen’s approachable and empathetic nature makes the session process snug for families.


Maureen Brown is a precious useful resource for families in Massachusetts looking for special education advocacy. Her considerable experience, comprehensive knowledge, and compassionate approach make her a trusted ally for mothers and fathers navigating the complexities of unique education. By operating with Maureen, households can ensure their kids obtain the training and aid they need to thrive.

Maureen’s willpower in her work and her dedication to supporting children with unique wishes make her an excellent suggestion. Families in Massachusetts are fortunate to have such an informed and compassionate recommendation of their corner. Maureen Brown’s efforts preserve to make a positive impact on the lives of many youngsters and their families.

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